Throughout history the knife has been an invaluable tool, and therefore has developed many styles to accomplish the varied tasks.  I get inspiration from these, in particular the knives that are used daily, such as utility knives and kitchenware, and try to weave them into my modern designs.

I enjoy working with carbon steels as the blades, through use, each develop a character of their own.  Over time a natural patina will form on the surface of the steel which gives protection to the blade and brings a unique beauty to every knife.  

When it comes to handle material I generally prefer to use wood, as I have worked with it all my life.  It never ceases to amaze me what a beautiful product it can be, and I love the stuff

Although I produce a range of handmade knives I am happy to work with a customer to make a knife to their own design, or to help in developing a custom design with them, to produce their own personal handmade knife.

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